Why would you set up an incorporation Netherlands?

In these times we have more time available to us where we can think and perform introspection. Maybe you have realized you want a change in your life, and have a good product too you want to continue with. You could set up a business if this is the case. You could of course also do this if you decide to go on by yourself and offer your services on your own terms. IF you want to start a business it may also be a good idea to think about where to start one. If you choose to set up a company in a foreign country, it might be good decision to start up an incorporation Netherlands. Though this is not an easy thing to do all of a sudden, and especially if you have just jumped into this all. That’s why there’s also companies who will be able to help you with this life-changing process. One that is very experienced is intercompanysolutions

Why an incorporation Netherlands?

After this suggestion of the Netherlands, you might question why ever start an incorporation Netherlands? Is this not just a small country? Well, yes, it is a small country, but it is impactful on several industries. There is also a couple of advantages you will get in the Netherlands. 

  • The Netherlands are an innovative country and come up with many new and original, smart ideas that could further help your incorporation Netherlands.
  • Many people in the Netherlands are, in fact, bilingual or can save themselves in a second language. Common is German and French, but also English is a language many Dutch people can understand fluently or very well. 
  • An incorporation Netherlands for you would result into the fact that you will not have to pay any VAT costs for any transaction with another country that is a part of the European Union.
  • The tax rates in the Netherlands are generally low, actually, they are one of the lowest of all European countries. So, when you finally set up an incorporation Netherlands, you will not have to pay as much taxes than in other countries. This makes it easier for your company to be successful. 
  • If you need to export or import products, then the Netherlands is also an ideal country since it has two important centers as well as a good infrastructure. There is the harbor of Rotterdam for example and the airport Schiphol that is important for the import and export. 

Incorporation Netherlands: residency permits

There is a possibility you want to reside in The Netherlands due to your incorporation Netherlands, which would be a very natural thing. However, you may need a permit. When do you need a permit? You need a permit when you are not a citizen of a country that is a member of the European Union, the EEA or if you are not a citizen of Switzerland. In this case, you should look into the start-up permit and the self-employed permit. 

So, stating up an incorporation Netherlands would be a good idea and likely good for your business. However, much important decisions have to be made and much administrative tasks have to be done. intercompanysolutions will be ready to successfully aid you in this process of setting up an incorporation Netherlands!