Where do I find a foodgrade conveyor belt?

In the food industry it is very important that you own the right conveyor belt, because every conveyor belt is different. You’ll specifically need a foodgrade conveyor belt and you can get yours at Hardick!   

Why do I need a foodgrade conveyor belt?

Like I said, no conveyor belt is the same. Some conveyor belts are suited to transport dry products, some are suited to transport ice cold products. However, when you transport food, you’ll need a conveyor belt that is suited to transport food and that is the foodgrade conveyor belt. 

With a foodgrade conveyor belt you are able to transport food in a safe and efficient manner and that is exactly what you need when it comes to food, but even within this category of conveyor belts you can choose from many different options. So, the first thing you have to ask yourself is what type of foods you are going to transport or are already transporting. A foodgrade conveyor belt for meat will have different qualities and requirements than a conveyor belt for diary products, for example. 

Having the right foodgrade conveyor belt is very important, as well as for the products that you transport and deliver as for yourself. There are many different regulations that you have to adhere to and that will be checked by certain types of organizations. You can even get seriously fined by these organizations if you don’t live up to the relevant regulations! This is especially something that is very important in the food industry. And that is the reason why you should get your foodgrade conveyor belt at Hardick! 

My experience with Hardick

When I said that you should definitely get the right foodgrade conveyor belt, I wasn’t kidding. I learned my lesson the hard way. I thought I owned a perfectly fine conveyor belt, I didn’t even think to check if it was the right one to transport my type of products with. Until the FDA visited me and I had to pay a huge fine. In hindsight, this was pretty understandable, because you are working with food after all and millions of people are going to come in contact with your products. 

After this debacle, I contacted Hardick and told them that I needed to get a foodgrade conveyor belt that was suited to transport the products that I worked with and that met all the rules and regulations so that there would be no more troubles in the future. Why I chose Hardick to get my foodgrade conveyor belt is for the following reasons: 

  • In The Netherlands Hardick is the market leader in conveyor belts with great anti-stick properties with more than 100 years of experience. 
  • The conveyor belts are heatresistant up to +260 degrees Celsius and possess excellent anti-adherent properties and chemical resilience. 
  • The conveyor belts from Hardick are successfully implemented in the production of many different products, such as foodstuffs, bake- and fry products, carpets, isolation products, non woven- and screenprintingmaterials and rubber products for car industries. 

The most important reason for me, however, was the professional and customer-friendly approach of the employees of Hardick! 

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