What are Spiral Conveyors and what are they used for?

You know them, those factory halls that are full of conveyor belts. Conveyor belts are essential for speeding up and improving countless production processes. Conveyors can be used to transport products and parts of products. In addition, conveyor belts are also used in the automation of various processing methods. For example, robots can be linked to a conveyor belt. A conveyor belt increases efficiency. Nowadays, there are different types of conveyor belts for sale. There are also Spiral Conveyors. These belts can be very handy. Would you like to know more about Spiral Conveyors? Then read this article.

What can you do with Spiral Conveyors?

Spiral conveyors are conveyor belts that are made in the form of a spiral. But why is that so? Spiral conveyors are mainly used to bridge height. It is very easy to go up in height with such a conveyor belt. When you use a straight conveyor belt it takes much longer. Moreover, a “normal” conveyor belt takes up much more space. When you’re choosing for Spiral Conveyors, you’re choosing for:

  • Efficiency
  • Saving space
  • Sustainability

If you opt for Spiral Conveyors, you increase the efficiency of a process. These can be all kinds of different processes. By using a spiral to bridge height, the process will be faster. This shortens the production time and earns you more money. It also saves space. A spiral conveyor belt needs much less space than a “normal” conveyor belt. This gives you more space for other things in the factory hall. In addition, these conveyor belts are very durable. However, it does differ per company. That is why it is smart to buy conveyor belts from a company that is a real expert in this field.

Where do you buy Spiral Conveyors?

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