Starting a business: start dutch company

Starting a company in our own country is already not an easy process, and it is something that requires quite a lot of work and administration. Imagine how starting a company in a foreign country would be, a country of which you have no idea about how the regulations are for registration and running our company. Do you still want to take on this challenge and fulfill your dream? Then it might be a good idea to get some help to ensure you are not being fooled and that everything is according to your wants and needs and that everything is also in line with regulations. One country you might want to start a company in is the Netherlands. Start Dutch company with Lawyers in Netherlands to ensure your company is as you want it to be!

Why would do start dutch company?

Of course, the suggestion of starting a business in the Netherlands is not thrown around easily. There’s actually some very good reasons to start dutch company. To clarify the biggest advantages, we have made a list here for you. 

  • The Netherlands are a member of the European Union. To start Dutch company therefore means the you have a company registered inside of the European Union. The costs of making transactions with any other country that is a member of the European Union, or the so-called VAT costs, will be none. 
  • If you really want to set up a business in a country where there are not as much tax rates, then The Netherlands is also a good choice for you. The Netherlands are among the countries that have the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe. The tax rates in the small country are about 20 percent.
  • Do you wish to hold international relations and work outside of the Netherlands as well when you start dutch company? Than you will not have to worry about any language barrier. This is because, in fact, most of the Dutch population are profound in English. A lot of people there are also able to speak another language like German or French. 
  • The Dutch population is highly educated and they often come up with innovative and new solutions to problems. 

Start dutch company: residency procedure

Though anyone can start dutch company, the procedure to obtain residency in the country can vary depending on the country where you are from. The procedure for the EU, EEA and Swiss citizens is simple: there is no permit or visa necessary in order to reside in The Netherlands. These people can enjoy the exact same benefits as the Dutch citizens. Residents from any other country, however, do need to get a residency permit in order to be able to stay in The Netherlands and to start dutch company. It depends on your goal, needs and wishes what kind of permit you need to get. There are two to look into: a start-up permit and a self-employed permit. 

So, do you still want to start dutch company? Then in order to ensure you will successfully do this, you may want to start dutch company with Lawyers in Netherlands. 

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