My boyfriend bought me a GigE Camera, why is this the best gift ever?

Yeah, my boyfriend bought me a GigE camera. I really want to share with you why this was the best give I have ever had, because I love to make photos. A GigE camera for machine vision. He told me that he visited the website of GeT Cameras and that he found the GigE camera on their page. What is the industrial GigE camera, where can I use this camera for? Daheng Imaging’s industrial GigE cameras are GigE Vision compliant. Maybe that doesn’t sound clear too, but it definitely is. This standard is based on the European Machine Vision Association’s GenICam protocol. More information can you find via, because I do not want to make it too difficult to understand and the story is mainly written to tell you about the fact that the GigGe camera is the best camera to have. 

What are the main differences between the GigE camera and the usb camera? 

What are the differences between this camera and the usb camera? Earlier this week I wrote a blog about the usb camera. The usb camera is also good to buy, but it is not my favorite camera. And every camera is different, so it is also possible that you like the usb camera better than the camera that my boyfriend bought for me. There is only one way to find out and that is to read this blog and to buy the camera and make a choice. As you will read below, it isn’t too expensive, buying the cameras that GeT Cameras have. Allright, first a small overview: the biggest differences between the GigE camera in respect tot the usb (usb 2 or usb 3 camera):
  • The first one has no frame grabber
  • The first one has a longer cable length (that can be a benefit or it can be a unpleasant fact)
  • The first one has a higher data speed till 100 MB’s 

GeT Cameras and their products 

More information about GeT Cameras will follow now, as we can understand that if you want to buy these types of cameras for your boyfriend or girlfriend too, you might want to know more about this specific company. Are the prices high? Do many people know GeT Cameras and their products? I made a short and orderly overview for you and for everybody that wants to get to know GeT Cameras better than they do right now. What is the aim of GeT cameras? GeT Cameras sells theses cameras for industrial and pharmaceutical applications and on their website you can find the different cameras, starting from EUR 147. This price category gives you the opportunity to try a camera and if it is not what you want, you can swap the camera of course. The cameras asre designed to send RAW image data to a computer, as quickly as possible. The data that we talk about is uncompressed and image-processing software is able to conduct precise analyses . GeT Camera does supply industrial cameras (like the GigE Camera) of Daheng Imaging and they do also provide excellent support!