Find your ideal Costa del Sol property

Who hasn’t dreamt of having their own Costa del Sol property? Whether a small house by the beach, an appartment looking out over the sea or a chalet on the hillside, there are plenty of options for settling down for retirement. A quiet life in the sun, close to the beach is many people’s idea of a perfect life. Buying a Costa del Sol property can have many advantages:

  • Low costs to purchase;
  • Incredible climate all year round;
  • Beautiful surroundings;
  • Easy journey back to Northern Europe;
  • Other English-speakers nearby.

There is always a lot of Costa del Sol property available. In fact, searching through all the accommodation available on the market can be overwhelming. Trying to narrow down the options can be extremely tricky, particularly from a distance. It is hard to know where you should buy your Costa del Sol property, to decide what is a fair price and to plan a viewing if you are not living in the area. Fortunately, realista can help simply the process for you. The website has a clear search formula with many different filters to choose from, and allows for easy comparison of different houses, apartments and chalets. They have agents available to help and advise you via telephone, email or Whatsapp, and have experience with virtually any requirements that you may have.

Types of Costa del Sol property has many varied types of Costa del Sol property to choose from. From simple apartments to multi-million pound villas and newly built homes to country houses, and even plots of land ready for building. You can find a Costa del Sol property with incredible views of the sea, choose a summer home a private swimming point or a tranquil environment in the country side with space for orange and olive trees. The website’s search function makes it easy to select exactly the type of Costa del Sol property that you dream about, with searches based on price, location and property type. Realistas agents can be contacted via telephone, email or Whatsapp and are more than happy to assist in your search. When you’ve found one or more Costa del Sol property that interests you, they will arrange a viewing to suit your needs, aiming to make the whole purchase process as straightforward as possible, allowing you to relax and make sure that you really are making your dream purchase. You will have the time and space to make your final decision, with any advice or support that you may need during the decision-making process. It really couldn’t be any easier.

Other services

Once you have found your dream Costa del Sol property, Realista provide a wide range of services to help with your move. Whether you are planning to use your new property as your main home or as a holiday home, there is a lot to arrange, often a significant amount of bureaucracy to be negotiated. Realista’s agents are experienced in all stages of the process and can help you to negotiate a price, to arrange a mortgage and to organise your Spanish visa or residency. Having experts within the country who are experienced in the process can relieve a lot of the stress of moving. They are also able to arrange a moving company to make the whole process go as smoothly as possible. If you have any more specific requirements or any doubts about the process, you should not hesitate to contact Realista for advice and any that information you may require.

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