Estepona property: front line beach apartment in The Sapphire Estepona?

Wow, is looks great, this front line beach apartment with large terrace in The Sapphire Estepona. This apartment of Estepona property offers amazing panoramic sea views. It can be yours if you want, so what are you waiting for? The price is approximately 1,5 million, so buying this Estepona property is not impossible. Yes, the prices are a little bit higher than anyone can pay, but that’s because you get a lot in return; beautiful views, a beautiful building that has a very good quality. This is something you don’t want to miss, so let’s start the journey, let’s start looking for Estepona property, build for you. 

I’m interested in Estepona property, what does my Sapphire Beachfrom apartment look like then? 

First of all, The Sapphire apartment is an exclusive boutique development of luxury apartments. These apartments are all located beachfront and close to the heart of Estepona. These buildings have materials that have a good quality and details in finishes. They do create a comfortable ambience, just what you need. The kitchen is very elegant and also functional. It has a minimalist design in sign with the style of the apartment and the materials that are chosen have premium quality. The details are a beautiful reflection of the character of the home. It is a beautiful place to live. To wake up and to go to bed everyday without being afraid that living there will become boring.

What about Estepona property and the country Spain?

Estepona is a town and it is a municipality in the Comarca of the Costa del Sol (everybody has heard of the Costa del Sol right? It is located in southern Spain, in the province of Málaga and is part of the autonomous community of Andalusia. Estepona is a little town and has all the facilities you need:

  • 2 medical centres
  • 7 supermarkets 
  • 2 street market
  • 2 post offices

So, if you don’t want to leave this town, you don’t have to, because once you have bought Estepona property, everything you need is already in this town. But if you like to visit other parts of Spain, you can do that of course. Spain is the sixth largest country in Europe, it has a population of about 47 million. It is also the fifth in the European Union. The largest city is Madrid and other large cities are Barcelona, Bilbao, Seville, Valencia and of course Málaga. Spain is a beautiful country and it is a safe place to live. Some facts about the history. Spain was originally inhabited by Celts, Iberians and Basques. It became a part of the Roman Empire and it was conquered by Scipio Africanus (206 B.C.) Later, about two hundred years  further in time, the barbarian Visigothic leader Ataulf crossed the Pyrenees and rules Spain. The Muslims under Tariq entered Spain (three hundred years later) from Africa. In a few years, they completed the subjugation of the country. This was just the beginning but nice to know if somebody asks you why you have bought Estepona property and why you want to live in Spain. Now you have a good answer! Estepona property, made for you.